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What is Sushi-Wa?

A Japanese-style sushi omakase from chefs Kazu Murakami and Chris Schoedler.

We offer a nigiri-focused omakase experience nightly Wednesday through Sunday, beginning at $80 per person. Bookings can be made via Resy.


Kazuyuki Murakami

Kazuyuki Murakami Chef and Owner of Sushi Wa Charleston, SC

For over 20 years, Kazuyuki has been practicing traditional Japanese cuisine. He learned his craft while working under Chef Hiro, owner of the first sushi restaurant in Charleston. He is also largely influenced by his brother, a chef of over 30 years. His favorite dish to make is the Sushi Omakase, an assorted platter of fresh nigiri. He loves watching people's faces as they try something new.

Chris Schoedler

Chris Schoedler Chef and Owner of Sushi Wa Charleston, SC

Chris knew he wanted to be a sushi chef as soon as he created his first sushi roll. From then, he made it a goal to own his own sushi restaurant. He started practicing Japanese cuisine in 2009, while training under Kazu. Chris also draws inspiration from other American chefs who are passionate about learning exotic cuisine. Both Chris and Kazu share the same pleasure of watching people try new dishes.

1503 King St. Ext.
Charleston, SC 29405

Open Wednesday through Sunday

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